How to Use Freedom APK to bypass in-game purchases?

Freedom APK is awesome! You’re getting something exceptional out of it, something no other app gives you. Download Freedom APK and bypass those in-app (or in-game) purchases. Get those items you always wanted but couldn’t manage for in your game.

As you can see, Freedom can actually enhance your gaming experience. Game developers these days create a virtual currency which is difficult to get by playing consistently. But, they also give an easy way out, viz. by paying a certain amount of money. That’s a way of making money, but sometimes this promotes discrimination in game performance of various players. Freedom APK latest version is like a boon for those players who can’t afford to pay a dime in online games due to some or other reason.

I hope your browser must have completed the Freedom APK download by now from our previous article. No worries if you haven’t. We have got it covered here.

Download freedom apk all versions here

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This article is basically a “how to” guide for your Freedom APK. Most of our dear readers are newbies in the world of Android and don’t know much about things beyond normal usage. Therefore, we have made this guide 100% newbie-friendly! Each and every single step of Freedom app APK download and usage will be explained in pure detail. We are sure you won’t have any issues while downloading.

We have divided the mission “download Freedom APK” into three stages:

Stage 1: Get the prerequisites

You cannot go further if you don’t have the prerequisites configured correctly. Freedom APK is very small and doesn’t have many specific requirements. But how small they might be, you need to have them set. This is what you will need:

  • Android v2.3 and higher: Smartphones before Android Gingerbread don’t even exist now. But still, if you have it, it might not work with Freedom APK. Freedom is tested to work till Android Lollipop – we are unsure of Marshmallow either. Chances are it will work, but nothing can be said without experimenting.
  • Rooted Smartphone: Most people out there are afraid of rooting their smartphone. It’s a common tendency for people to avoid stepping out of their comfort zones. Whatever you prejudice you might have regarding rooting, it is an essential step to download Freedom APK and make it work.
  • One or more apps where you can try Freedom APK: Why else would you download it, isn’t it?

Stage 2: Download Freedom APK and install it

Your Freedom APK isn’t available on Google Play due to obvious reasons. Thus, we will be using the APK file to install it on your system. In case you haven’t dealt with APK (aka Android Package) files before, let me tell you that it’s 100% safe to do so. Unless you are downloading the package from a trusted website (like ours), you’re good to go. Follow the below steps:

  1. Download Freedom APK.
  2. Tap on the file to execute it.

freedom app 3

  1. If it’s first time you’re installing an app from an APK file, your system must have probably blocked downloading apps from unknown sources. You will need to enable it first.
  2. Tap on the file to execute it. Press the install button. The APK will install itself.
  3. That’s it. Tap on the “Open” button to launch Freedom APK latest version.

Stage 3: Using Freedom APK to bypass in-app purchases

This is the meat of the entire article. I hope the previous stages were simple to grasp and you have finished the Freedom app APK download cum install. Here is the step by step explanation of how to use Freedom to bypass in-app purchases:

1. Open Freedom app in case you haven’t already.

2. The home screen will show you the list of apps exploitable by Freedom. If your desired app isn’t in the list, it isn’t supported by Freedom.

freedom app 23. Now the catch is that you’re not supposed to open the apps from the system launcher. You need to open them via Freedom for it to work. This can be done by simply tapping on any of the desired apps through the Freedom APK home screen itself. Your Freedom APK will then prepare itself and launch your desired app.

freedom app 1

4. The app will take longer time than usual to launch. But don’t worry, it’s because of the fact that Freedom APK latest version is working on it. As soon as the app launches, navigate to the store section of the app/game. Choose your desired item and press the purchase button.

5. You will be greeted with a Google Play tab, asking for a certain amount of money for your desired item. Don’t worry! Simply press the “Continue” button. Trust me, your Freedom APK will take care of the rest.

freedom app 4

6. Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed the Google Play purchase window and achieved your in-app item.

How it actually works?

Freedom APK latest version tries to trick Google Play using a “FreeCard”. It tries to enter the credentials of the FreeCard. Google Play gets the notification that the payment is received when it actually isn’t.

Meanwhile, Google Play gives a green signal to the app to unlock the desired items in your system. You get the items, and your work is done!

It is indeed worth it to download Freedom APK. Make sure you have started the Freedom APK download right away.

You should however note that we do not intend to promote illegal methods through this article. Take Freedom as a source of fun and don’t overuse it after you finish Freedom app APK download and install. Respect the developers and pay them for what they deserve. Though the game items might not seem worth it, do consider paying for them if you want them.

Download Freedom App’s Apk here.

Final Words

I hope you’re satisfied with the article. I also hope that you have had no issues while Freedom APK download. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below. We appreciate user comments and respond to them time-to-time.s

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