From Actor To Entrepreneur: Christian Massa Is Bringing Entrepreneurship To The Next Level

In today’s day and age, everybody wants to stand out. Balancing a healthy work and social life can be a difficult task to manage. Being a successful entrepreneur, however, is even harder. It means dealing with a lot of challenges both socially and economically. This is where Christian Massa brings new meaning to the term entrepreneur.

Christian Massa is a 27-year-old actor, worker, and entrepreneur, from West Haven, Connecticut. The lead role of Ken Register on Discovery ID jump-started his career in the right direction and inspired him to continue acting, leading him to book 4 more principal roles, including one on Showtime on demand. Christian has been going on auditions ever since childhood and always had the mindset of becoming an actor. “Going on auditions is a very stressful and time-consuming. It’s so easy for one to get discouraged and quit but it only takes that one audition to jump-start your career” 

In addition to acting Christian recently co-founded a luxury waterproof flooring company with his family called Aquatec Flooring. The company was created by Christians father Joe after decades of being in the flooring industry and was meticulously engineered. Christian came up with the name of the company.

“We wanted to make a film that put the spotlight one of the biggest epidemics today. After almost two weeks of deliberation, we agreed that suicide was one of the most pressing topics of our time.


In 2016, Christian produced, directed and starred in the short film Pressure. He plays the role of a disturbed man alongside his brother Joe Massa. The film was about a man struggling with suicidal thoughts and how he overcame them. Christian and his brother Joe, dedicated this film to all those suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression. 

As a filmmaker and actor “you don’t need to make money to be a successful entrepreneur. Giving somebody something to watch that can help them mentally and physically, holds more meaning than money” Christian mentions.

Recently in 2018, Christian’s brother Joe continued aiding in the fight to raise awareness for suicide by creating the web series My Suicide Story. In this unique series, real survivors of attempted suicide describe the emotional journeys of their darkest day, in hopes that it will help deter others who are experiencing similar thoughts. Christian assists his brother in this ongoing series.

“When my brother Joe came up with this idea to help those suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression I instantly supported the ideas and wanted to assist in any way possible. I wanted him to know that he has my full support and attention to this project.”  Christian says addition, Christian plans on opening a production company by 2020, with his brother Joe, to further their careers and continue to produce films not only has material for those suffering but also to be enjoyed by all viewers. Christian also plans to keep going on auditions and is on the hunt to land his next big role.

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