Coach Meddy is a Dubai-based personal trainer and the ideator of the globally known ‘MMF Protocol’ – which stands for Mixed Martial and Football Protocol. This fitness regime gives efficient and sustainable results in the long run. A lifelong celebrity fitness coach, Coach Meddy’s career in the fitness industry began with his self-development journey – after he earned qualification in kickboxing, Thai boxing, and wellness consulting. He wanted to bring about a change in the lives of people. The passion with which Coach Meddy approaches his profession is evidence that he is truly living his dream and helping others achieve theirs.

A self-carved niche

With over ten years of experience, Coach Meddy has been able to carve a unique space for himself in the world of fitness conditioning. His unique method and the achievements testify to the outcome of the MMF Protocol.

This trainer-turned-fitness expert has established himself as a forerunner in the fitness space with services ranging from personal training, group training, kickboxing, athlete training and many more. His clientele includes elite football stars such as Nicolas Anelka, Patrice Evra, Blaise Matuidi and many more.

The originator of MMF Protocol – Coach Meddy, introduced a unique method of work adjusted to football players from the martial art conditioning and blended mixed martial and football protocol. The Protocol has helped some of the best athletes in the world adapt their fitness routines with their fitness levels, preferences, and moods. The regime has delivered success to both athletes and tv stars according to their varied fitness demands.

Empowering Healthy Lifestyles

“Neither validation nor success – only a healthy lifestyle and motivating others to lead one gives me joy,” says Coach Meddy. He diverts all his energy towards training and workouts and that has inevitably become a part of his life. “I can, to an extent, help people relieve stress by giving them an opportunity to work out joyfully. It’s sheer happiness to extend a supporting hand to help people live a better life, and for this, I believe in blending in my expertise and experience as a body transformation specialist,” adds Coach.

Celebrity fitness influencer

Coach Meddy is someone who, over the years, has developed a strong network of celebrities. He hosts them when they stay in Dubai. He has been instrumental in promoting various celebrities through social media and press and connects them with local brands.  He has access to the very exclusive Zoo of Saif Belhasa. He also has access to the presidential suite of Fairmont Hotel The Palm and other exclusive services. This has been possible with planning and carefully crafting machinery that helps both celebrities and brands.

He continues to spread his knowledge of fitness through his content on his media app NA 39. He has proven to be a valuable addition to elite footballers, athletes and celebrities across the globe through his quest for fitness.

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