Google Ads Trends for 2019 to Get Most out of your Ad Campaigns

For the last decade, Search engine marketing has been a perfect game-changer for various companies. But if today a simple ad is created, it will not just be enough as the search has gradually become very complex nowadays. So it has been really difficult for just anybody to create a really successful search ad.

Complicated but advantageous

An up-gradation from Google AdWords to Google Ads opens a huge range of new features which were not there previously like Smart Campaigns, automated and Smart options, updated and new tools that can directly be integrated to the Google Marketing Platform. Although they might have been having great potential, they have both positive and negative effects. The novice search advisers can find it very discouraging and confusing at times.

Better results can be gained by working together

If you would have updated google, you would have understood that google ads will not be automatic after the update. The features of the new platform are familiar with the experts. Both automated ads and manually created ones can be gained an advantage over. You will be needing prior Google knowledge and experience to create an advantageous campaign. When you don’t have that knowledge, you tend to seek for an agency to help you.

Marketing dollar value going down

The sales revenue generated by Google from their advertising products is mainly because more companies are placing their ads with Google. Companies these days spend a lot on advertising so the price on keywords and ranking to reach new heights. That is why it is becoming very difficult to succeed without any form of a substantial budget.

Cost per Click is higher

Improved quality of the competitive ads and the increased competition will lead to the cost per click. Cost per Click depends on the particular keywords. It has doubled in the past four years to a great extent. Even the ranking values have increased a lot in the past few years.

Demand for Quality

Digital advertising solely depends on quality. That is the main focus and is the most important factor now. The campaigns established by Google are based on quality and they are clearly shown in the ranking of ads for the advertiser.

Changing of keywords due to popular voice search

Voice search has become very popular these days. Google, Apple, PayPal have been investing a lot in the voice search. They can even abandon their search and ask Siri or Ok Google to make it a lot easier. Keywords are significantly changed for it. Sometimes even more keywords are used when complete questions are asked. But the text creatives don’t always have to be concise or short.

Using signals to gain importance

User signals have used both Google Ads Campaigns as well as Google Rankings. The quality score is primarily determined with the basis of the user interaction with an ad. Google ads have used this as a quality rating tool. It results in the fact that how the users are behaving with this site. You should design it in such a way that when a prospective customer clicks on the link, they should find it interesting and suitable for what they are searching about. If they don’t find it interesting it might have a negative impact on your ranking.

The target groups should be defined

You can end up having wasted ad expenses as well as lower-ranking in Google Ads if you are not precise about your target groups. They might be really quick to decide if they are interested in your ads or not. So a proper target group can be set up through intensive market research.

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