Google Apparently Adding Anti-Spam Protection on Android Messages

Who doesn’t hate spam texts, but the problem is that only a few Android users report it when they get alerts about a new feature of spam protection on Google in their official Messages app.

The roll-out of this anti-spam feature seems to be limited for the time being as all Android users cannot have access to the same, according to Android Police. It means you are one of the luckiest few Android users if you get a notification about spam protection when you open Messages app.

Under the Advanced section of the Settings menu, you can find a new spam-protection option of Settings menu if you get this feature. You can toggle this tool on and off. Well, you may not want to deactivate it when considering its usefulness.

If you are a privacy-conscious user, you may not want to be so quick to agree to this tool to prevent spam, as its notification shows that some data about the messages will be sent to Google. According to the spam-protection option, the information which is sent to Google will not add the actual content that messages have as well as the phone number of the user.

The support website of Google, which has already published a section of spam detection for Android Messages, gives further details about how this anti-spam tool will actually work.

Users can report and block spammers with Messages along with tagging the messages that they suspect to be spam and decide which one is spam and which is not. However, Google will store the phone numbers of the users who are sending and getting messages with the user temporarily to enable Messages to identify spammers. At the same time, Spam reports will have the last 10 messages of a spammer, without replies from the user.

The spam protection tool is activated automatically on the devices of the users who get this feature. Those who doubt that Google will keep an eye on their messages can manually toggle down the settings.

Google has been moving ahead with its fight against spam with actions against unauthorized communication. After updating the Google Phone app, all the unwanted calls will be automatically routed to voicemail.

Spam protection features have been even more vital, especially when 2018 has been tagged as the year of spam. A lot of the tricks used in cybercrime are failed, but there is no way to stop spam. So, Google has no other way unless elevating the tools like spam-protection for Android Messages.

Google’s support site apparently added that Google collects some important data from the users but excluding the contents of their private messages or phone number, once the spam protection is enabled. It means the spam reports which are sent by the users manually to Google include the complete message sent by a spammer (and a copy may also be sent to mobile operators).

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