Google Map Provides Lime Scooters Service

Google Map being one of the most used and popular navigation and routing app has already conquered the market with its sleek usability and features offered to users. And again now, Google Map is now back with another announcement that it is adding one additional service to its wide range of users. Google now is introducing its users with a facility to use Lime Scooter services.

Lime scooters which were once a not-so-familiar transport means once in most places have now changed itself to an emerging way of light transporting. Hence Google Map has now thought of adding this briefed way of transport service too to its already existing services. If you are not really into walking a distance and are not into opting other means of transport, Lime scooters will be of the best choice to click on.  As for now, Google has introduced the Lime Scooter services to a number of 13 cities namely – Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Antonio, San Jose, Scottsdale, and Seattle. Cities like Auckland, New Zealand and Brisbane, Australia are also added up to this list. Google announced this latest addition to its Maps via a blog post adding up a line for a smart indication of the same – “You can get to that meeting right on Lime.”

This additional feature of adding lime scooter services by Google Map is not only beneficial for Android device users but also for Apple (IOS), for Apple constantly is rerouting its own mapping application. This trend of adding Lime Scooters to its service list isn’t actually started by Google Maps. The parent company of UBER, ALPHABET, had already invested a considerable amount of money on these scooter services. So Google Maps were now adopting this new trend of transport to its own pockets.

Still, Google Map treats this latest added Lime Scooter service as a separate transit service. This means that even if you chose the Lime Scooter service using the Google Map, it would either redirect you to the respective dedicated app of the same or the play store if it is not installed in your device. When you choose the lime scooter service, it will point you out to the nearby available service by adding the time to reach there plus the total cost of traveling. Anyway, by this choice of additional service to Google Maps, Lime services have received a more vast exposure.

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