Google’s Digital Wellbeing is slowing down Pixel devices

Last year the main concern for every tech giant was smartphone addiction and to tackle that they came up with their own ways and during this Google came up with its own app which restricted the usage of the phone after a certain time and they named it “Digital Wellbeing”. However, it seems like this solution is turning out to a sort of problem for Google.

According to a thread on Reddit, a pool of pixel devices are getting slowed down due to the Digital Wellbeing feature and many thought that the mere 4GB RAM was the culprit but people are claiming now that the speed of the phone is improving significantly after closing Digital Wellbeing feature. Still, the issue is not addressed by Google and there is no official statement from Google.

The main task of Digital Wellbeing is to measure your smartphone usage and offer insights on how much you are using it and how can you reduce it. So, if we take a look into its functions then it should be always active on your phone which means , which means that it continuously runs in the background and consumes RAM which means you will be getting less RAM for other operations and since it’s not much to process the process starts to lag or slow down.

Since users are claiming that Google’s own creation is behind the lag then here are few stops on how to stop Digital Wellbeing feature on your Pixel phones:

  1. Open Settings and search for Digital Wellbeing.
  2. Tap on it and you will see your stats.
  3. Hit the three-dotted menu on the top right corner and select “Turn off usage access”
  4. Then, You will see a prompt to confirm your action and will be redirected to the Usage Access settings.
  5.  Select Digital Wellbeing and restrict access.