Green Card Lottery Winners of the DV-2020 Program Announced 7th May 2019

It’s been a long time coming, and now the time is here where the applicants for the DV-2020 Diversity Visa Program (also known as the Green Card Lottery) can check the status of their application through the official Green Card Winners website from the US Green Card Office.

The Diversity Lottery program was created in 1990 with the Immigration Act of 1990. It was later signed into law by then-President George Bush. The lottery is a perfectly legal way to acquire a green card. It is officially sponsored by the U.S State Department.

If you apply through the US Green Card Office you will receive certain guarantees, including;

  1. You won’t get disqualified from the lottery due to mistakes, omissions, and errors on the application form. Around 20% of the 11 million people who applied were disqualified last year due to these mistakes.
  2. The application is submitted on time and free from errors
  3. All of your personal information is handled and dealt with in complete confidence. We keep your data safe.

Make all your dreams come true by applying for the lottery today and obtaining the US Green Card you’ve always wanted!

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card grants the holder “Permanent Resident” status. This gives them the authority to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provide proof of the legal status of immigrants through the permanent resident card, also known as a Green Card.

They got the nickname “Green Cards” because they were green between 1946 and 1964. They have been blue, pink, and yellow across the years, but they were made green once again in 2010 and the name has always stuck through the changes.

No matter what you call the card though, permanent residents in the U.S aged 18 or older are required to have their green card on them at all times. If you happen to win the Green Card Lottery your green card will be good for ten years. After that time it must be renewed. Green card renewal can be completed online. It’s a simple process to complete after the ten years are up too. Conditional permanent residents – people who obtain a Green Card through marriage and investment – have to have theirs renewed after two years.

US Green Card Office offer value-added service for all of our clients. Our services are available in 20 different languages, and our fee for the service begins at just $80. The official submission period for entering the Green Card Lottery is normally between 30 and 60 days, but that window can change from one year to the next. It generally falls between September and November though. provide you with the chance to fully prepare and complete your application online in accordance with all legal requirements 365 days a year. The application can be completed whenever you want and it is submitted within the timeframe announced by the US Government for the year you are applying. Once your application has been submitted by the US Green Card Office to the US Government, you are provided with an official confirmation number. This is proof that the application has been received by the government and you are in the lottery.

Benefits of Having a US Green Card

  1. You are Able to Sponsor Relatives

If you have your own Green Card, you can apply for permanent residency for the rest of your family through the family-based Green Card. Your family includes your spouse and parents, as well as any unmarried children you have. You are also bale to sponsor married children or your siblings through the Preference Family category of green cards.

  1. Less Paperwork

Once you’ve got your Green Card, you only have to renew it once every ten years. All you have to do to renew your card is submit the I-551 form to the USCIS six months before the card expires. There’s a lot less paperwork involved with having a green card, making it just one of several US Green Card benefits.


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