Hailey Baldwin Liked Selena Gomez’s Picture On Instagram

Everyone is aware of the feud between Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber used to date Selena Gomez and then he broke up with her and dated Hailey Baldwin, then he broke up with Hailey and again dated Selena Gomez and later he broke up with Selena and finally married Hailey Baldwin (this is roughly portrayed timeline of Justin Bieber’s dating history), so it is kind of obvious that there must be some sort of cold war going between the two. But Hailey Baldwin just proved the opposite by liking Selena Gomez’s picture on Instagram

Well, Hailey and Selena both do not follow each other on social media platforms but one of the friends of Selena Gomez named Raquelle Stevens posted a picture of her along with her other friends. The picture showed Selena Gomez sitting in a circle with her other friends. And that picture is liked by Hailey Baldwin and it hints that maybe the cold war between the two has ended.


Raquelle Stevens posted the picture on Instagram with the caption that reads, “So excited that Episode 1 of my latest series Giving Back Generation is out now! On this episode, we talk about what giving looks like through friendship. This episode is particularly special to me as Courtney, Sel, and Ashley have been my friends all through my 20’s. We talk about what it means to support each other, forgive, and grow together. Look forward to hearing your feedback & hope it leaves you encouraged. Link in bio to download.”

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