HBO removes Starbucks cup from GOT’s fourth episode

After a horrible weekend, HBO finally decided to remove the infamous Starbucks coffee cup from it’s latest episode of TV show Game of Thrones.

After a bunch of fans spotted an out of era coffee cup in the last episode of GoT the fans all across the world went crazy that how Winterfell got Starbucks before Wakanda.

After a huge backlash, the showrunners accepted the mistake and tweeted that ” The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. #Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea ” and believe me we are not going to see Danereys taking a sip of that green tea because HBO just removed that cup and now there’s nothing there to take a sip of.

Also, the cup is not from Starbucks while it’s from the production house but this mess up just got Starbucks a great marketing material without even asking for it.

Bernie Caulfield, the executive producer apologized and said that these kinds of mess ups are really rare but sometimes it can happen but very rarely as the prop staff dedicates their 1000%”.

Claufield also showed a sign of relief by mentioning that if that’s the worst thing that the fans are pointing out then the show is in good shape and also hinted that first Starbucks got opened in Westeros and the last place will be Wakanda (according to me).

Hopefully, this is not going to last more as too see the wait for the finale is much less now.