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Heart-to-Heart with Dr. Nina Bal – one of the experts on the Bodyfixers Series 2 Panel

Do you know why we remember faces more than names? It is because the name might not be unique, but the face definitely is. Every face has a distinct feature that makes it different from another. The shape of the eye, size of the nose, how thick or thin the lips are and of course, the jawline. Ask that person with the perfect jawline how blessed he or she feels. Zac Efron, Zayn Malik, and Victoria Beckham to name a few. However, there are also those imperfections on the face that truly stand out like the cleft on the chin of George Clooney, the tiny scar below Sandra Bullock’s left eye, and Tina Fey’s facial scars. However, you may not be happy about any imperfections on your face and would like to do something about it. Here’s where the experts like cosmetic surgeons step in and do the needful. Today we are talking to one such expert who has been on the panel of Body Fixers, a television show where people with facial conditions can get life-changing makeovers. Here’s saying hello to Dr. Nina Bal.

Dr. Nina Bal is a practicing cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetic doctor. She is the recipient of the prestigious Aesthetic Dentistry Award which she won for ‘Facial Aesthetics – Full Face Treatment’ in 2018. She was also the finalist for ‘Best Young Dentist’ at the 2017 Dentistry Awards. When asked as to why she chose dentistry as her career she replied, “I always loved medicine and dreamt of becoming a doctor since I was a little girl and also always had a big passion for beauty, aesthetics, and fashion”. For the second season of one of the highest rated shows on television, Body Fixers, Dr. Bal was approached to be one of the members of the panel. Her popularity on social media caught the eye of one of the casting directors. With almost 250k followers on Instagram, Dr. Bal got the call to be on the show. She signed on to appear for the entire season which was broadcasted on E4 back in 2017. She helped numerous people who wished to fix their face and body. For some, it was a life-altering move. Speaking of challenges she had to face while shooting, Dr. Bal mentions “it was a completely different experience working on the show as compared to my everyday life. It was shocking how the people working in the television industry put in so many hours of work”.

It is extremely fascinating to know how a girl raised in a small town in Italy went on to become one of the UK’s best cosmetic dentists. It is purely through her passion and dedication she has reached the pinnacle of her career. She adds, “the secret to happiness is feeling good about yourself. If you start by looking good, you are more than halfway there”. Dr. Nina Bal resides in London with her husband and two children.

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