Hiccups, everyone has them.

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Why do we have hiccups?
Everyone has hiccups, even your cat and dog have them. But, do you know the underlying reason?

You might have wondered at some point in time in your life, why do people have them?

A lot of old wives’ tale ( like someone is thinking about you or missing you while you have hiccups and if you take their name, it will go away) are persisting.

People will tell you a myriad of ways to fight hiccups like drink water, breathe deeply, etc. But, they are not going to work.
Hiccups are a reflexive spasm of the diaphragm and can happen to anyone. Even fetuses in the womb have them, it starts in the second or third trimester, according to Dr. Stacey Milunic She is medicine physician from Penn State Health.

What triggers hiccups is still unknown?
“We don’t know for sure what causes them,” Milunic said in a university news release. “It’s not well understood.
Hiccups are just normal reflex. People develop them after eating a large meal or when they are stressed or overexcited. Anything which causes stretching of the stomach (like swallowing a lot of air, drinking carbonated beverages ) develops hiccup. It can be due to alcohol binging or due to smoking also.

“Basically, anything that distends or expands the stomach or potentially could irritate it can bring them on, ”Milunic said.
It is easy to recognize “normal hiccups,” but sometimes they tell hidden disease. You can tell when people have painful hiccups; it is not normal.

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Most hiccups disappear within 48 hours, but some people do suffer from intractable hiccups(hiccups lasting two months or more). Intractable hiccups are more common in man than women.

“If you are hiccupping for more than two days, you would want to call your doctor, ”Milunic said. “Rarely, but on occasion, it could be a sign of damage to the nerve or another serious medical condition.”

Next time, you have hiccups, and people give you the advice to do different things. You better know, what to do?
I still take people’s name in my head to see who is missing me?

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