H&M Halts Leather Purchase From Brazil After Amazon Wildfires

The recent incident of Amazon wildfires created a concern about the environment in everyone. Recently a very known fashion brand H&M, the world’s second-largest fashion retailer made an announcement regarding their exchange of leather with Brazil. Following the concern of Amazon wildfires, the fashion brand has announced that they will be boycotting the purchase of leather from Brazil.

Speculations are being made that now that Brazil witnessed a horrific tragedy of the burning of Amazon rainforest so the companies in the world would be taking a step back in doing the business with the country. People all over the world are concerned about the health of our planet and now brands are suspending their leather purchase from the country to make sure that it is not harming the wildlife or forest in any way.

“Due to the severe fires in the Brazilian part of the Amazon rainforest and the connections to cattle production, we have decided to place a temporary ban on leather from Brazil. The ban will be active until there are credible assurance systems in place to verify that the leather does not contribute to environmental harm in the Amazon,” H&M said in an emailed statement.

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Another clarification has also been made by the fashion brand where a spokesperson from H&M said that most of their Leather comes from European countries and only a small percent of the leather is from Brazil. So their decision of putting a ban on Brazillian leather will not actually affect Brazil or the fashion brand itself.


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