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How can you celebrate Star Wars Day in 2019?

So, today is May 4, 2019 and if you are someone who is following the Star Wars franchise carefully and admirably – this is the day you would love to enjoy to the core! So, you are a fan of Jedi, Han Solo, the Skywalkers and a whole lot of them, you will definitely want to make the best out of the Star Wars Day today!

Star Wars Day

How to celebrate Star Wars Day?

Well, there are several ways you can enjoy Star Wars Day and make it memorable enough. We will suggest a few ways, though you can devise your own plans for making it more exciting.

Watch all those movies you may have missed

Of course, you may have missed a few movies in the Star Wars franchise. Of course, you may have already watched them, but watch them again.
We expect many streaming services to offer an exciting range of Star War movies and shows. Or else, how about checking out your own collection and watching those DVDs and Laser discs?

Feast on the Star Wars cuisine

Confused? You won’t, if you are someone who is following Star Wars from close quarters. Remember the Blue Milk that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru loved to have on their table for breakfast? How about checking out these Blue Milk recipes?
The Star Wars official website offers you a huge cuisine and recipe ideas to make your Star Wars Day more memorable. So, head on and make the most out of your celebrations.

Visit theme parks

The US has several Star Wars fans. We would indeed expect a huge list of theme parks and theme parties today. If you are finding it difficult to locate a good option, how about Disney Parks’ upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction? You can have the first-hand experience with a host of arms and other items used by the Star Wars characters.

You can even buy something new and in tune with the Star Wars legacy. Some sort of memento that should make it a great option to go with your Star Wars experience. You should have access to plenty of merchandises on the official starwars.com. You may also check out the best deals available for enhancing your experience further.
So, don’t wait for the day to break further. Grab your Star Wars gear and head on to the best that is offered for the fans like you. Spread the awareness about the star wars day and take it to the next level.

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