How Derek Candelore became a successful brand?

In today’s fast paced, ever-changing world that we live in, celebrating success in even the smallest things in life is a championed ritual on social media.

From Mothers posting photos of their children potty training, to getting a new car or job, you name it, it’s in your feed on one of Mark Zuckerberg’s evil corners of the Internet. The digitally-driven lifestyle allows individuals to have more exposure to the world, right in the palm of their hands.

This in fact has also spawned millions of manifestos of anger, threats of violence, Facebook depression and laziness amongst many other things.

But what about for a guy that went the opposite route? Deciding not to do social media, but rather create his own platform and monetize his own brand? Could it work? Could the site or ‘brand’ draw enough traffic (favorable and haters) to have Google recognize it as a high ranked domain authority?

Could it be done in a way opposing to those who are seeking a Facebook trophy for their participation into social media? Could people really have a cognition to search their Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Twitter feed and also a webpage such as

The results are in- and the answer is Yes. With daily traffic somewhere in the 3,000+ visitors to the site, Derek has proven that having your own platform where advertisers pay you for information to get their products in front of 3,000 eyeballs a day, without having to be “friends” with someone you didn’t really speak to in high school, is both brilliant and effective.

With respect to social media making it possible for individuals to share their talents and knowledge readily, it is nonetheless a regulated platform owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world. Derek chose not to jump in to swim in that infested pool of negativity by hiring a creative team to build his own site and own brand in 2015. He did it in a way that is signature to his character traits- by culminating 24/7 optimism, being proud of his flaws, accepting of everybody for their individuality and not taking himself or life too seriously.

On a site that hosts a myriad of different categories from photos to health to music and fashion, visitors are coming in droves for daily upbeat entertainment.

The Internet provides people of all ages and from all walks of life to become a sensation without having to live in Hollywood. And the 39-year-old fitness, fashion, music, positivity influencer has garnered a lot of attention to his #BeEpic brand.

However, Derek’s success does not only come from his great physical fitness but his evolution from a guy who overcame adversity. His contagious positivity is what makes his visitors adore him.

“Of course he (Derek) has a ton of haters, he’s doing things they aren’t willing to do or can’t do. He’s good-looking, built, has successful brands, crazy hair, mad style and he’s always positive, what miserable asshole would like a guy like that?” Says close friend and consultant Liv Trifoi.

“I’ve actually seen it in action, where he’s taking pictures with little kids, and people come up and ask him who he is, or crowds gather around just to vibe of his high levels of energy he omits.” Trifoi added.

Derek found his inspiration to launch his own site after observing conversations and statistics into the hatred, evil and drama running rampant on social media. He wanted to have an outlet for people to vibe with him and did not feel any social media sites provided the stage to do it in the manner he wished to promote.

“Those sites are filled with people with zero success, zero failures, zero experience telling you how to live your life, while pretending they have all their shit together. When really, nobody has their shit together, Life has too many moving parts, so stop pretending and be real.

“Realness is the attribute Derek appreciates the most, people who say- here’s all my imperfections. Those are the people Derek gravitates to, far away from the phony country clubers who are juggling a pretentious lifestyle for self-gratification.” Trifoi added.

“When we have a meeting of the minds session, Derek’s ideas are so incredible, and you believe and know that if he decided to do it, it would work.”

“He (Derek) told me the other day, he said, nobody doing better than you is going to talk negatively about you, they are too successful to be negative. Nobody with a killer style is going to hate on your style.” Says Trifoi.

Respects to Liv Trifoi for assisting in this article and for more on the #BeEpic lifestyle visit

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