How Does the Financial Market of Mauritius Look Like?

Looking for investment solutions which will help you work towards the asset valuation that you aspire to then you’d find Mauritius on the top of all the possible options that you’ve got so far. Saleem Beebeejaun, a known name among the banking and financial sector in Mauritius has himself spoken many times about how the dynamics of the jurisdiction here provide a platform to the investors and their interests.

What makes Mauritius a good place to invest and start saving?

1) The island nation happens to be one of the highest GDP per capita nations in Africa with diversified cultural strata also known for its peaceful and multi-cultural society.

2) Geographically speaking, it is strategically placed in the Indian Ocean thereby providing the required access to Africa, Asia, and Australia. This being stated, an investor should also know that the region has adopted the best of the international practices and sustainable policies of development. Their efforts for the same have been recognized and also acknowledged by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) along with the World Bank and also the Financial Action Task Force (FAFT).

3) For people looking for great entrepreneurial opportunities and a market that supports new businesses to bloom, one is at the right place when it comes to Mauritius and their innate entrepreneurship skills that teach a thing or two to all the budding ones. For the ones looking for special grants to gain assistance with their business, they should consider the government policies that facilitate the same.

4) Another factor that makes Mauritius a favorable destination is that there is no exchange control involved, personal and corporate tax stand at  15% and the dividends are tax-free. There is also no capital gains tax. This means that an island nation is an ideal place for investing. Saleem Beebeejaun also has talked frequently about the whole eco system including the role of the banks

5) The icing on the cake would be the long-standing double taxation agreements that Mauritius has with 40+ countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and other continents. All the facilities are available to both the residing citizens and the non-citizens who wish to do business in or with the nation. It has facilitated the same as per Saleem Beebeejaun also see the development of digitalization and advancement in technology yet another factor of growth in the Mauritius financial market.

6) The constant efforts of the Mauritian government to turn around the nation’s economy from being dominated by the sugar-crop industry to creating several different revenue streams thereby encouraging the development of different new sectors and industries.

7) The number of wealthy people residing in Mauritius has increased over the years, and their count of High Net worth Individuals (HNWIs) keeps on growing steadily showing positive signs for good returns on investment.

Mauritius is booming, and this has definitely changed the face of Banking and Financial sector

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