How Meeta Vengapally Made It Big In The Silicon Valley?

It is no secret that Silicon Valley is mostly a male-dominated entrepreneur ecosystem. Women from all around the world are still trying to make headway into this technology space. Women from the fashion and modeling field find it even more difficult to be taken seriously. But that is true across most industries.

One such stunning woman who has not only made headway into Silicon Valley but also left her mark is Meeta Vengapally. Meeta is the Founder and CEO of Garnysh, a Silicon Valley-based fitness and technology company. Garnysh uses real-time tracking and analytics to support fitness and nutrition goals with the help of its growing database and custom-prepped meal plans. Meeta is also an accomplished model and a beautiful actress.

Talking about what inspired her to start Garnysh, she says, “My business journey began with the birth of my two children. After I gave birth to my kids, I needed to lose the baby weight and get back in shape. I realized working moms like myself and other busy people, who were into dedicated training, were spending too much time calculating and supplying themselves with the nutritional requirements to support their own, unique exercise regimen. Together my team and I created an algorithm that expedites this process by combining real-time fitness and nutritional goal management with a database of custom meal plans.”

However, making a place for herself and her company in Silicon Valley was a tough job as gender diversity in this technology ecosystem still has a long way to go. To make it in this challenging showground as a female Founder and CEO, Meeta had to overcome difficult situations with discipline and focus. She is a strong believer that life is only 10 percent of what happens to you, and 90 percent of how you react. Talking about her biggest strength, Meeta says, “My greatest business strength is refusing to take no for an answer. This is followed closely by doing whatever it takes to reach my goals.”

Meeta was so confident about her business idea that she wasn’t hesitant to kick start the business with her own money. When asked where the capital came from, Meeta says, “I started the company with personal funds. Fortunately, we were able to gain initial traction pretty quickly and establish a positive cash flow, which we immediately reinvested in the company.” Juggling erratic and unpredictable work hours with the responsibility of maintaining a home, raising two children and caring for her husband was yet another challenge that Meeta had to overcome to make Garnysh a successful reality. But she did it all with a smile plastered on her beautiful face.

Of Indian origin, Meeta got the highest honors in her Master’s program. In addition to being a social media influencer, she has also been a spokesperson and model for over 500+ brands. Meeta was also invited to participate in 2019 Ms. USA pageant on full sponsorship.

Meeta wants to set healthy and achievable trends in the fitness industry. She is an entrepreneur to watch out for as her business has achieved more in its five years than most businesses have accomplished in decades.

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