How to Buy Lots for Sale When Building a Home?

If you’re looking for lots and land in Little Rock, there’s a secret little oasis known as Waterview that has over a hundred of them for sale. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about Little Rock AR lots for sale for anyone to buy with cash. Why? Because whether you’re buying a home, or buying a plot of land to build a home so you can jump into the real estate market, you want a location that is somewhat secluded, but at the same time not far from the city, and for an affordable price!

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Welcome to the Waterview!

Why do they call it Waterview? Well, that’s simple! At Waterview estates, you’re surrounded by beautiful landscapes that offer a southern wooded atmosphere, while only being a short distance from the famous Lake Maumelle to the southwest, and the Arkansas River to the Northeast.

Aside from the water though, you have the ability to see luxury scenic views of the Ozark Mountains to the northwest, and you’re literally just up the road (about 20 minutes away) from the capital of Arkansas itself. You’re just outside of the awesome suburban city of Roland Arkansas, yet you can have the luxury of privacy and country life, while being right next to the city. The project has been around for a little bit, and now’s the time to buy while the estates are under heavy development!

What Can You Do around Waterview Estates?

Do you like fishing and hunting? Or just want to try it? If so, you can access the nationally acclaimed Lake Maumelle, the amazing 8900-acre lake that makes the most of the water supply. The lake is regulated to protect the waters, so no swimming, but you can always boat and fish off the side to catch all types of popular fish.

You can also take a wild hike to the top of Pinnacle Mountain, or take paddle boat trips through Lake Maumelle River. Aside from this, on the other side, you can always go visit the Arkansas River itself, which has gained national acclaim as even some of the top network fishing shows have gone there.

If staying inland is your thing, you can always utilize the horse stables right inside of Waterview Estates, raise, breed, and train horses, as well as have amenities that are fun for the whole family. When it comes to the outdoors, you can hike or jog plenty of the nature trails, spend time with your friends and family playing basketball or tennis, or just sit inside your home, and relax! You can even hunt if you own a proper piece of land in the area and get your game on (or even hunt for food!). If neither of these for you, you can always visit a vineyard in Roland or go to Little Rock and enjoy the city there!


Waterview Estates is one of the most prized pieces of land near Little Rock, and for good reason! While the entire project is under development, you can purchase land and have your dream home built there or even build a house and reap amazing rewards for selling it! Not only that, but with the right piece of land, you can always rent your land out too, making it a great place to build a good hunting and fishing house for guests!

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