How to Increase Laptop’s Battery Life?

The new range of laptops come with a battery that would last around a full day. However, there are instances where you would find that the laptops fail to reach up to that kind of a backup. If your laptop doesn’t come with the removable battery, the situation is likely to further get aggravated.

Here are a few tips that should assist you in increasing your Laptop Battery life:

Reduce Screen Brightness

The major contributor to the high battery drain on a laptop is the screen of your device. Setting it to highest brightness can cause the battery to drain quicker. Of course, modern devices come with LED screens, but they can reduce battery life nevertheless.

Change Power settings

You would not want your laptop to stay active even when you are not working on it. By default, many laptops have the default setting configured to Balanced Mode. You may want to choose the power Saver option when choosing the power options. You can do it through the Control Panel and Power Options under it.

Switch off WiFi

Switching WiFi off can be one of the best options to increase your battery life. You can turn off WiFi connectivity when you do not need it. WiFi keeps on draining the battery as it will keep performing tasks on the background. This can be practical when you are away from your WiFi network and are not using any sort of network on your laptop.

Remove Unwanted Peripherals

Having a disc spinning in the drive may not be a wiser idea if you are not using it. Remove all the external drives and discs you do not want to use. The same should go with removing all the peripherals you do not want to use.

Those are a few tips that should assist you in enhancing the levels of battery backup on your device in an efficient manner. Employ these tips, and you should be able to get the best out of the battery efficiency of your laptop.

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