How to make your website more SEO friendly? Follow these tips

Building a website and ensuring that it climbs the race for the high rank takes a lot of efforts and time on your part. However, a few good SEO techniques can help you achieve the best results. The best part of these techniques is that most of the tricks can be handled by you and do not need you to opt for any professional assistance.

Prioritise the Navigation

Navigation is an important part of your website building. It is how you link to other pages and thus give enough weight to your content and pages. Make sure that your home page has a high authority and thus comes with a high ranking performance. Linking your most important keywords right from the navigation menu can be helpful enough.

Use proper redirects

A non-opening page or the entire website can be a real headache for most of your visitors. The 404 errors messages can drive even your die-hard fans away from your site. A website not showing on Google can make your visitors get disappointed with your site. If the error code cannot be done away with, you can introduce a custom design for the 404 error page.

Post High-Quality Content

Well, this has been discussed several times by almost every SEO guidelines. Content is the King in any SEO strategy and it remains a truth over the years. Make sure that you have good quality content and the content does offer some sort of value addition for your readers. Adding a blog section to your website can show Google that your site is active. It can also help you earn a few backlinks.

Make the site mobile friendly

If you are a new site, you can easily make it mobile friendly right away. However, if you have an old website, it may be a tougher task, but not an impossible one. You may, however, make a few huge changes or even need to change everything from the scratch. However, do note that it is essential to undertake this as Google has moved towards a Mobile First approach when ranking and indexing the sites.

Competitor Analysis

This is yet another important aspect you need to take care of if you really want to rank higher. Acquiring your competitors’ backlinks can help you achieve the best results. SEO tools like SEMRush can be quite helpful in this venture. You can even check the keywords that your competitor is ranking for and try to build your content around those keywords for a higher ranking.
Well, those were a few good options you can give a try to for a higher ranking website. of course, nothing there comes without proper investment. However, the tips we shared here should not have huge financial implications, yet will need plenty of efforts and hard work on your part.

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