How to motivate yourself to not hate exercising

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Like many people, I work behind a desk all day. Despite always having a gym membership, I would only go a few days of the year. I wanted to like to exercise and feel that “runner’s high” those runners brag about. I never felt anything remotely close to that. My gym visits pretty involved me dragging myself to the gym and walking slowly on the treadmill until I reached the appropriate level of boredom and left. I actually once had a company pay for a gym membership at an elite gym, but only if you visited the gym 7x a month. I found myself making myself go to the gym 7x a month and mostly just visiting the smoothie bar, which was counterproductive.

Last February, I had discovered that I had put on some weight and needed a long term strategy for weight maintenance. I have always been great at losing weight through dieting, but maintaining that weight with virtually no exercise is difficult. I had also heard about the excellent mental health benefits associated with exercise from reading things like the excellent book, Spark. I determined in earnest to come up with a plan to make myself exercise.

I had heard wonderful things about Orangetheory so I decided to sign up for a free class. Please keep in mind that I was terribly out of shape and it had been almost a decade since I had done any semblance of real exercise. I made it through the class but did have a few miscues along the way. Somehow even though I hadn’t done a shred of exercise, I allowed the trainer to shame me into being a jogger instead of a power walker. This resulted in me feeling like I was dying and needing to take a couple of unannounced water breaks. I also fell off the rowing machine at one point and the trainer had to assist me in getting back on the rower. Even with my unsanctioned breaks, I managed to burn 823 calories during the class. After the class, the trainer told me I was “deconditioned” (personally I think I was never conditioned in the first place), and he recommended that I sign up for their “unlimited’ package and attend 5 classes a week. Orangetheory’s pricing varies from city to city, but the unlimited package in my locale was $159/month.

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