How to Prepare Your Apartment for an Out-Of-Town Friend?

you just got off the phone with a friend who asked if she and her husband could stay at your place for a couple of nights. Even though you happily agree, you haven’t got a thing ready, and your apartment is a mess! 

Before you push the panic button, take a deep breath. Now is the time to consider which essentials your guests will need. 

For starters, preparing for their visit calls for some cleaning. To top it off, you’ll also need to get some food, prepare the rooms, and that’s just the beginning. 

You’re going to have to hop to it to be ready by the time your guests arrive.

But don’t worry — you’ve got this. 

Follow these five ways to prep your apartment for guests, and you’ll be ready for their arrival!  

1. Start cleaning 

If you haven’t cleaned in a while (hopefully, not too long!) then it’s best to clean in stages. We recommend breaking it up so it won’t get overwhelming, especially if you’re not a fan of cleaning.

We’re going to offer some cleaning tips below that should help make the undertaking a lot easier. Though these tips won’t take care of everything, they will help you cut some corners. Besides, you don’t need to clean everything.

  • Pick up dirty clothes and towels and throw them in the wash. It’s best to wait to start the washer until you finish cleaning.
  • Put dirty dishes and mugs in the sink. (We all know how easy it is to leave a coffee cup or two on a table.) 
  • To add onto the above tip, you should also do the dishes. 
  • Bust out your cleaning supplies and put them in a portable bucket or caddy.
  • Quickly but efficiently clean the bathroom toilet, mirror, and sink.
  • Look for items that are out-of-place on various surfaces and tidy things up.
  • Throw (okay, not literally throw) things in a basket, stash the basket in a hidden closet and worry about putting them away later. Don’t worry; we won’t let anyone in on your secret. 

And another thing, don’t forget to do the following: 

  • Get rid of smells by airing the place out or lighting some candles.
  • Pick up the trash.
  • Sweep the floors.
  • Wash the bedding. 
  • Lay out clean towels in the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, let’s look at how you can get it in tiptop shape.

2. Stock the bathroom

We’re sure your guests don’t expect you to have every single toiletry there is.

But, having a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a basket for them is a nice gesture.  

Be sure your guests have clean towels and washcloths readily available. And make sure they know where to find them — especially if you don’t have hooks in the shower or you will both be using the same bathroom.

You don’t want an accidental towel mixup, so if you have towels in two different colors, that will do nicely.

Last, but certainly not least — add a few extra rolls of toilet paper!

3. Clear out space for their belongings

If you’re running tight on space because you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, it’s time to get creative.


Well, your friends will need a place to store their belongings, and it’s up to you to direct them to a convenient area where they can stash their stuff. 

The most appropriate area would be near the bed or in a closet. 

However, if you stuffed your closet to the brim, you’ll have to figure out another place. Try clearing out space in a dresser or have them unpack their belongings and store them under the bed. 

A great way to utilize space in tight quarters is by putting containers with wheels under the bed. That way, guests can access their stuff and you won’t have to worry about dealing with clearing out space in an overly stuffed closet.

4. Make sure there is enough food 

Let’s not forget about the food! Head to the grocery store beforehand if you have enough time before your guests arrive. 

To know what to buy, ask them what they like and if there have any food allergies.

If there are food allergies, they might prefer to go to the store with you to pick out their food. Just buy the basics in advance, if that’s the case. 

In the meantime, a few food essentials you should have are bread, milk and juice, soda, lunch meat, and fruits and vegetables. Getting a few snacks is also a good idea. 

Do your guests like something in particular?

Have raspberries in your fridge if you know they crave them. They’ll love that you remembered to include one of their favorite foods! 

5. Plan out apartment entertainment 

Of course, you might have plenty of fancy outdoor apartment amenities to keep your guests entertained, like a fire pit or a pickleball court.

Even so, what about when they’re inside the apartment? If it ends up being a hot summer day or it’s snowing outside, you should have ways to entertain them indoors. 

Here’s how to keep them entertained inside the apartment: 

  • Have some fun games to play.
  • Lay out some books and magazines in the living room and the bedroom.
  • Share your wi-fi login because, if we’re honest, there’s just no way they can do without it.
  • Give them complete access to your television and all its features.

Side note: Sorry, if that means you’re going to have to forgo watching the basketball game. You can always catch it on your phone or iPad! 

  • If you have a pet, have some toys laying around so they can have fun playing with Fido. 

If your guests bring their own furry companion, ask what toys the pet likes to play with. While you’re at it, create a nesting spot and make sure you have an extra food dish. Be sure to ask your guests whether they need treats or anything else to make their pet feel at home.


Note: If your guest has a pet, you should contact the leasing office. The management team will give you the lowdown on whether they’re allowed to bring their pet, and if they are if there are any rules they must follow. 

Bonus tips: 

Want to know some more guest preparation secrets

We thought we’d throw in a few more tips so that your guests will be blown away by your thoughtfulness. 

Check this out: 

  • Make sure earplugs are accessible. (You know, in case someone should snore.) 
  • Provide a sound machine, which is another excellent way to cut out the noise. 
  • Adjust the lighting by replacing any burned out lightbulbs and if possible, have a few lamps in their room so they can adjust the brightness. 
  • Layer the bed with extra blankets in case someone gets cold. 
  • Communicate with them and find out what would make them more comfortable during their stay. 

You have to admit that having guests over is fun, even if it does take a lot of work. 


Now that you know what to do to prepare for guests, getting ready will be a cinch. 


Getting your apartment prepped for friends and family gives you the advantage to clean, organize, and improve your space. If your apartment is too full, preparing for guests is the perfect time to enhance things you usually wouldn’t have time to do. 

The trick is always to be one step ahead so that when friends want to camp out at your apartment, you’ll be ready for their arrival. 

Sidney Yeom is the is the Business Manager at Odessa At the District with 2 years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making Odessa the place to call home.


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