How to Select magnets for BLDC motors?

The BLDC motors would definitely need magnets for an effective functionality. In fact, the magnet you choose will have a major role to play when it comes to the cost of the entire motor and the project cost. It will also have a bearing on the performance of the motor in the long run.

But, how would you make a beginning? How to choose your new magnets? The tips here should ideally help you choose the best magnets in an easier manner.


If you are well versed enough with the magnetic properties, you would be aware that the magnetic field would be dependent upon the temperature and will work weaker or stronger based on the temperature. Choose magnets based on the exact requirements you may have. Opt for the right size and type of magnet depending upon your exact needs.

Check out key Technical Parameters

It may be worthwhile to consider opting for a few salient features and technical parameters before finalising your choicest options for the best custom magnets bulk purchases. The key features you would need to pay attention would be remanence, energy product, curie temperature and intrinsic coercivity.
Remanence – This refers to the magnetic strength of the magnet.
Intrinsic coercivity – This would be the force with which the magnet would resist demagnetisation.
Curie temperature – This is the temperature at which the magnetic properties of the magnet will cease to exist.
Taking all those features into account would be helpful enough in arriving at the perfect option for a good magnet for your BLDC motor.

A custom magnet with a high degree of consistency and high temperature resistance would be the best choice. These magnets can be quite effective for all your needs that include acoustic devices, motors, microwave equipment and computer peripherals.

Make sure you acquire enough knowledge about the magnets and choose the right kind of magnets only after a complete study.

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