How TrifeDrew is slowly changing the rap game

Whether you look at sports or more opportunity today’s rap game it’s obvious that the game is evolving. There was a time where rappers just rapped over beats and that was primarily the extent of their evolving in the actual music production. Many of today’s artists on the other hand are skilled in multiple areas of music production. Artists like Kanye West, NAV, Lil Purp, Ugly God, and many others are producers/rappers. The rap game is constantly evolving and in the words of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, “It’s a young man’s game.”

In steps Brooklyn artist TrifeDrew. The young east coast rapper has experience in the music industry on both sides of the camera. He started off his careers as the videographer for multi-platinum recording artist Tekashi 69. He traveled with the “BeBe” artists and worked closely with him amongst his camp since 2015. He’s been around the rap game for quite a while and has seen all levels of success.

Now, TrifeDrew has launched his own career which was highlighted by his feature on 69’s debut album “DUMMY BOY”. It was Trife’s first introduction into the mainstream rap scene and he would capitalize from there. He recently dropped his own debut single “Baby Mama” which has been steaming well for the new artist. Stay tapped into the music, because there’s definitely more on the way.

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