Huawei beats Apple and Samsung to become only profitable smartphone manufacturer

Where the whole smartphone industry is on verge of declination, Huawei shines as the one of the only company to report profits and a steep inclination in its smartphone sales. According to a latest IDC report, top smartphone manufacturers such as likes of Apple and Samsung have registered a dip in smartphone sales whereas Huawei saw a bump in smartphone sales in 2019’s Q1.

From last few years, this Chinese tech giant is on the second spot in the list even without selling a single smartphone in the US market which makes it even much more celebratory for Huawei. As per a report total of 310.8 million smartphones got sold worldwide which is a 6.6% decline from the 2018’s Q1 and IDC predicted a much larger declination for upcoming months. Speaking particularly about Huawei’s sale stats, the company has registered a 50.3% bump in its smartphone sales which means they have shipped 55.91 million smartphones globally excluding the US.

As per IDC, Huawei got benefited from its high-end devices served as great marketing material for their lower ranged devices and helped to boost the sale for its whole portfolio. But, still, Samsung has maintained its first position but faced a declination in its global smartphone shipment with 71.9 million smartphones shipped globally it
registered a decline of 8.1% this quarter from the last quarter in 2018. Talking about the Apple, instead of being a billion-dollar company it couldn’t survive the wrath of time and saw a decline of 30.2% this quarter coming up to the third position in the list.

This report clearly suggests a bad year ahead for most of the smartphone manufacturers as people are not willing to refresh their devices due to lack of innovation in the mid-range segment and also due to the increasing prices of high-end devices year by year.