Hurricane Dorian Is Now Barreling Towards Disney World

Hurricane Dorian is known for its destructive winds, it is the second-strongest Atlantic hurricane that has been reported. Currently, Hurricane Dorian is moving towards the Disney world, it already did a lot of damage to the city. Due to extreme flooding as a result of Hurricane Dorian, the citizens are having a hard time and now that it is going to hit the Disney World in Orlando, the visitors are going to face it soon.

Disney Land is located in Orlando and each year the place attracts a lot of tourists. But soon this happy place is going to be dangerous for people because Hurricane Dorian is headed right towards it. The Hurricane is labeled as category five. It is going to be spread to other cities like Florida in particular.

Photo Credit: WDW News Place

The destructive winds of Hurricane Dorian are said to be 165mph that is 270km/hour. The highest speed caught by the reports were 185kmph. The strong storm has already taken the life of one seven years old boy and now the rest of the public is scared to go outside. That is the reason why tourists are avoiding going to Disney Land and even near it.

The Disney Land authorities have decided to close the amusement park for one day. However, Disney’s fort wilderness resort and Campground will be opened till afternoon. The hurricane is affecting the parts of Florida, Georgia, and South California coast.

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