How to Increase Followers on Instagram 2019

Do you want to increase followers on Instagram 2019? Surely you have realized that the social network is always changing and being improved. So, you must be wondering: what will be the changes of Instagram 2019?

Of course, Instagram will come with more news, so continue reading that in this post, we will tell you some practices to increase followers in Instagram 2019!

Last year some users made an uproar because the Instagram timeline was different. Instead of being vertical as always, for some to some users, the timeline was horizontal (just like the stories).

Reading this post to the end, you will realize that you have no reason to show off! That’s because all the changes of the social network have always been to improve the user experience. So for Instagram 2019, we can only expect good things!

Read below that we will tell you some changes that you should keep an eye on! Come on?

Instagram 2019 the stories are still high!

Some experts anticipate many improvements for Instagram 2019. Of course, it would be impossible to speak in a single post of all of them! But for you who wants to win followers on Instagram 2019, a key tip is to use the stories a lot.

Instagram Stories is where the user can share their stories with photos and videos and they remain visible for only 24 hours. Except when they are saved in highlights.

The Instagram Stories was released in 2016 since the tool emerged has been growing user engagement. Several possibilities and tools have been added since then to enthuse the followers!

Added more emojis, stickers, gifs, timers, texts are up to polls, as a result, engagement reaches 400 million users per day.

So nothing to be scared if the number of tanned and interactions with your photos posted in the feed are reduced. What happened was that all these followers are now interacting more in the Stories and you will enjoy it!

Use the stories and feed

So to win followers on Instagram 2019, bet on the interaction through the Stories. Use and abuse this tool to bring your followers closer to you. The idea is to make daily interactions, so they get used to interacting with you.

To move more of your feed and get tastings and comments on photos, use Instagram stories to tell followers who have a new post.

So in 2019 is essential to make publications that are worth leaving the stories to go see the publication. So, a fundamental tip for Instagram 2019 would be: interact extensively in Instagram stories and make publications with interesting content. Then invite your users to see them!

The trend is authenticity and closeness!

Do you know those assembled, edited photos and that perfect day-to-day movie life in the Stories? Well, we have to warn you that this is not up for Instagram 2019.

People are enjoying more authenticity and identifying with the day to day lives of the people they follow. This is because following people with perfect photos and so unreal lives on Instagram ends up bringing many frustrations to the followers!

What is perceived is that there has been a preference for people to show more truth from day to day and not perfect lives. So watch out for edited photos and stories that are artificial, they can have a negative effect instead of drawing attention and attracting more seguidores.

For Instagram 2019 the tip is natural with the followers. To increase Instagram’s followers in 2019 know that they are wanting to see the life of the “digital friend or friend” and not influencers with life other than theirs. The word that is identification, so use and abuse it!

Anyone who buys followers or uses tactics to inflate these numbers should start thinking differently. That’s because overseas, sponsors are preferring to split the funding of a major influencer and sponsor “micro digital influencers”, who talk about a very specific niche.

Big brands are investing in sponsoring accounts that have up to about 1000 followers. But the public is well segmented, real and engaged! For example, if you like exercises and makeup, you will not talk about the two subjects in a single account, you will create different and specific accounts for each subject.

The same goes for business if you want to increase the followers of your business Instagram, study the niche you want to act and make a specific account for it. When your potential customers look for a specific product, they will find your Instagram 2019!

And remember that it is very important if you want to work professionally on Instagram in 2019, turn your account into a professional profile. This makes it easy for you to see the interaction of your audience and help you grow faster on Instagram in 2019.

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