Influencer-turned-Entrepreneur/Mega-Influencer Jennifer Brooks’ secret to winning social media stardom

The use of social media platforms among teenagers and young adults is growing at a brisk pace. Keeping in mind the rapid growth, it has become easier for brands to get to the right customer demographics and increase their profit margin quickly, with the help of optimum marketing strategies and the right influencers.

Social media influencers are group(s) of people with a large number of followers (audience) who follow them on various social media platforms. A social media influencer can convince their followers to purchase a product from a specific company that the concerned professional advertises for. Jennifer Brooks is one such notable social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Born on July 23, 1980, in Dade County, Florida to Jerry Walsh and Lynne Swenson, her birth name was Jennifer Lynne Walsh. She worked with different skin care and health brands, to become a social media influencer as her audience grew with time due to her unbiased product reviews.

Jennifer Brooks

Jennifer Lynne Brooks was married to her first love- Joe Brooks, who she fell in love with at an early age of 15. She is now a mother to three beautiful children. Jennifer and Joe work like a team, both personally and professionally. She calls it the secret to her long-lasting relationship with their love growing every single day.

An eighth-grade dropout Jennifer Lynne Brooks, now manages four businesses making her a self-made millionaire. Her four businesses include the social media marketing platform called International Loops LLC that helps people to grow their social media platforms and gain hundreds of followers. She has created a shopping website called Kepdit, where you can find a plethora of collections from home decor, outdoor decorations, mobile accessories, beauty products and more. Her third business is network marketing of a travel website called Jifu. Her fourth business is, of course, where she started as an influencer.

Jennifer now owns 7 figure businesses with more than 3000 clients. She has a reach of over 500 million via her network of viral influencers. Ever since she was a teenager, Jennifer wanted to be a stay at home mom but also wanted to generate an income. That is what made her delve into the field of entrepreneurship. She believes- if you put your mind into achieving anything, you can do it, no matter how many hurdles you may face.

You can stay at home and still build empires if you truly set your mind to it. If you want to be successful and set up various income streams, it might be a little difficult in the initial stages but working with sincerity will lead to eventual success.

For Jennifer Lynne Brooks, success is being happy in what she is doing. Everyone has their ups and downs but doing what you love and being happy is what contributes to success. The first step to being successful is to find what you love, second is turning that passion into a profession and next is to save enough income to start a new venture and repeat the process. That is how she became an entrepreneur from being a mega influencer on various social media platforms.


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