Instagram will now support landscape video on IGTV, Playing Video now becomes even more interesting.

A lot of our generations have become addicted to one of the common social asset of our days that is Instagram. We love sharing each and every spent in our sharing on IG whether it is our daily story or long posts for our friends birthdays.

Instagram has become a face of recognition for a dancer, singer, blogger, Youtuber, etc. where they can share their videos and get love from us but the confinement provided by IG of just 1 minute makes one sick to promote their whole video out on the Instagram which is surely more than a minute or so. The day has come where people are doing everything possible to do increase their followers. Sometimes, they even buy Instagram followers.

Therefore Instagram provided the feature of IGTV where they can post their content with any interruption or foundation of time.

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IGTV turned out to be a good feature but it lacked one feature which made second doubts for posting a video on IGTV, and that was the landscape mode on IGTV until where the Instagram confirmed that the IGTV will now be supporting landscape video.

A film-maker or a creator who used to make full-fledged videos on youtube was unable to get the same response when he posted his work on IGTV because people didn’t give much appreciation to a vertical video and to make a film vertical for only IGTV required more time and energy. Hence the number of views started to deplete, but their number of viewers increased when they asked the Instagram to start giving preference to their IGTV feed, their number of viewers increased, and this landscape video mode will act as a boon for the youtube.


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