Introduction to Using a Wax Seal

Wax seals are useful for binding envelopes and gift wrappers together. Let’s have a look at the types and instructions on using wax seals:

What are wax seals?

Wax seals are known as engraved pieces of metal. They are often used for pressing into wax, adding an engraved texture to the closures. Also, the wax seals are used for adding a finished touch to a number of items, such as, envelopes, gift-wrappers, homemade salts and jams, and much more.

Why use wax seals?

Wax seals can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, people use a variety of wax seals for adding a finishing touch to wedding invitations, diploma, degree, official certificates, and much more. If you are into creating DIY crafts, such as homemade body lotion or homemade bath salts then, you can use wax seals for adding a decorative element to your craft.

Types of waxes for wax seals:

Wax seals are used in combination with waxes for adhering the seals to its position:

  1. Traditional wick wax: If you are on a hunt for traditional wick wax, you will find that it shares resemblance with candle wax. It allows you to light and burn the wax and then, drip it onto a paper. You can adhere a wax seal to it. While, traditional wick wax may be aesthetically pleasing, it is not a viable solution when using it for mail or a postcard.
  2. Flexible wax sticks: Flexible wax sticks can be melted using an oil burner, and it can be scooped out and placed to your desirable site.
  3. Wax for wax gun: These types of waxes are particularly made to disperse onto a desirable location using a wax gun at a low heat. The sticks are made using sturdy and stable wax, which can be used for closing envelopes.
  4. Sealing Wax: Sealing wax is categorized as high-end or premium quality wax, and it can be simply melted by using an oil burner, and then, you are good to use it.

How to use wax seals:

Now that you have got the required supplies (wax seals and wax) for binding ribbons or envelopes together, you can use wax seals by using the following method:

Step 1: Warm up your glue gun for extracting wax from it. Remember that the consistency of the wax should be viscous and fluidity, or else it won’t stick the stamp onto a paper or ribbon.

Step 2: You should be careful with dispersing the wax onto paper, as the stamp would eventually press out and spread out the wax. If you use wax excessively then, it would create a mess on the paper, and it wouldn’t look aesthetically pleasing or useful at all.

Step 3: Wiggle the wax seal on the wax gently until it sticks to one place.

Step 4: Once the wax has cooled down, use a small-sized sharp object for cleaning the sides and edges of the wax seals for adding a clear and clean look to it.


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