Is a Free Antivirus a Really Good Option?

The world is moving towards a free ecosystem. Free Map services, free navigation, free data and free internet calls – they are just a few examples. In that case, why should you go with a paid anti virus solution?

A valid question. Studies in recent times have been pointing towards the possibilities of opting for a free antivirus solution and yet stay protected. You have multiple options of free programs for your security requirements. Then there are programs like ZoneAlarm free anti-virus offer both free and paid options. The choice would be yours.

In fact, going with such systems would be a good idea in most of the cases. That is more so because of the fact that is coming from the same platform – you will get the similar features, database and other essential framework across both the security options.

Most of these apps will provide you with the support through the online forums. A dedicated support may not be a common feature. However, even a forum support may be a good idea. In any case, you would not find the any huge differences between the free and the paid operations. Of course, the paid options may be faster, but still we do not think it is a rule of thumb in all cases.

The only possible difference between a paid and free antivirus solutions would be that a paid option will be faster in detecting the new threats. That can be the right option to stay ahead in getting an excellent option for taking care of all possible issues you would come across.

The protection offered by the antivirus solutions is undoubtedly the best when you check out the options like improved security and privacy support. You will not find everything that a paid antivirus solution offers you on a free antivirus. While some services like ZoneAlarm can be a real helper in situations where you ae one of the most vulnerable, most of the free antivirus solutions may not update their virus database on a daily basis. In few exceptional cases, you would find that a free antivirus does arrive with its own baggage, and if you are not careful enough in choosing the right option, it may not be the right choice yet to make.

Solutions like ZoneAlarm can be an exclusion and tend to offer you a perfect protection and security against all issues you may be coming across. Many free antivirus solutions may be free, but with other baggage as part of the system, If the security service you choose coms with ads to support itself, you may end up slowing down your device to a considerable extent. Yet another risk associated with the free third party antivirus solutions can be the threat to your personal data. If you are careful enough in choosing the right option, you may end up sharing most of your crucial personal data with unwanted third party vendors and applications. An assured privacy with a free antivirus may not be something you would be able to achieve.

In some exceptional cases, opting for a free antivirus solution should be helpful for you in letting you get access to some exceptional tools or even a discount on them.

In any case, if you have decided to choose the best option among the free antivirus, check out a few good resources that can help your get the best possible options and help you stay protected from hackers. Choosing an effective, yet economical antivirus solution can indeed be something that would improve your protection level without having to part with your money just unnecessarily.

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