Is Jeuveau The Next Big Filler Treatment After Botox

It’s time for Botox to step aside and let the new neurotoxin Jeuveau be the limelight. Jeuveau is a neurotoxin which is similar in structure with that of Botox and is FDA approved. This smoothes the facial lines and wrinkles like other injectables. It is said to be effective to treat moderate to severe frown lines or glabellar lines. With an increasing number of patients creating a demand for injectables procedures, the market has released this product after a huge gap of a decade. These injectables paralyze the muscles that lay underneath to smooth out the wrinkles. Jeuveau is a new addition to Botox, Xeomin and Dysport that are available in the market that work as fillers and fine lines vanishing tools.

Jeuveau is built by a Californian based company, Evolus, which will hit in the spring of 2019. Most women of age group 30-50 have created a demand for this big thing to hit up the market. It is said that it is more pocket-friendly than Botox fillers. This will not only save your pockets but also give your face that youthful look that you have been missing. This filler treats and reduces the appearance of fine lines or formation of 11 structures between your brows and other facial parts. You don’t need to mentally prepare yourself to go through the procedure as it will only take 15 minutes of your day and is completely painless.  One of the best Jeuveau injections you may get at Jeuveau NYC – Beauty Fix MedSpa where things are good, and done professionally.

The discomfort cause is little to none as the minute amounts of Jeuveau are injected with a very fine needle.  The wrinkles and fine lines are created with continuous facial movements. The injection blots out the appearance of fine lines and leave a youthful look making you look younger than you actually are. It does not even require downtime. You are supposed to maintain your head upright for a couple of hours and then get back to your daily routine, it’s that simple and convenient. The results are reported to be visible fewer than 7- 10 days but some patients have consciously noticed results within 3 days.

Jeuveau is an aesthetic neurotoxin that has been approved by the FDA in the US. It is similar to Botox but also affordable. It requires no downtime or precautionary measures post-treatment except for keeping your head upright for 3 hours. The discomfort will be less to none as the product will be injected with a very fine tip.

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