Is Search Intent Going to be the Foundation for Future SEO?

In a report from Forbes Agency Council, successful search engine optimization is nothing but why users are searching rather than what users are searching. SEO has always remained the best practice in response to the new customer trends and technologies, but the marketing trends have now taken a digital route. It’s all about knowing the keywords which your targeted audiences are looking for on the search engines.

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Following these basic steps can boost up your SE ranking says Adam Binder, from Forbes Agency Council.

Search intent is the desired outcome from various audiences and it can be categorized in the following four ways:

  • Informational:

In this category, the user searches for something in order to gain some information. This information can be anything, it may be movie times, the weather of the current location or some conceptual concepts asked on the search engine. The main reason to conduct the search is to get answers to their certain questions.

  • Navigational:

These are the types of searches made by the users in order to reach some specific location which is generally a website. This is very common from the user end to search for some page and get redirected to it.

  • Transactional:

This type of searching is referred to the motive of making money, for instance, the search engines can easily infer that a search “Amazon shoes” is made by the user who intends to do more online shopping.

  • Commercial Investigation:

This type of search refers to the section of users who have plans for shopping but they are not yet ready to step out to make it complete. These generally include comparison searches over the search engines of various products for which the users are willing to show some interest.

Impact of Search Intent on SEO

The most important work of the search engine lies in providing the users with the best results of their searches. Google is generally known for its updates on a regular basis, to the algorithm, it uses in the SERP. The main intention of any business which goes for SEO is to attain the top rankings in the top pages of the search engines. For an instance, we know that Google’s ranking algorithm for the pages is going complicated day by day and in order to survive in the current marketing world, search intent becomes very much important to improve your page.

Ways to Optimize Search Intent

  • User persona has to be understood

Most of the marketing business nowadays revolves around converting the visiting readers into potential customers. But you must be very careful about it as the intent must not go in the money-focused direction to the users. As the authority, you need to understand and adjust to the mindset and persona of your end users.

  • Optimize meta description

The meaning of meta description is the HTML element which provides a brief summary of the content of the webpage. Anyone who is interested to look for something of their interest in the website must find it in the meta description, at the same time the description mustn’t be too much for the webpage. Keywords can be included in this description to boost up the website.

  • Turn Call into Action

The next step of your website depends upon the call to action of yours. This particularly depends upon the interest or intent of the user that whether they are there with transactional intent, if so then they will be responsive towards Buy Now CTA button to streamline their shopping. And similarly, the other intents work as well.

Finally, the foremost important things which matter at the end of the day are,

  1. Identifying the target audience.
  2. Working out with SEO team and internal discussions in the department.
  3. A content audit should be conducted.
  4. Evaluation of the work and lessons which are leaned should be kept in mind.

Though modern-day SEO tends to evolve, Adam Binder believes that the resounding push for a better understanding of what users want and how to best deliver it to them is certain. Hence the business which utilizes the intent focused SEO strategy attain higher benefits of ranking in search engine.

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