Is the stage set for a Pacquaio Mayweather rematch?

Another convincing win for the 8 Division Champ, Manny Pacquaio (40) Saturday night over undefeated champion Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman has boxing fans begging for the sequel to the highest-selling PPV sporting event of all time…

That’s right, Mayweather Vs. Pacquaio 2.

We placed a phone call early Sunday morning to find out what Derek Candelore of thinks of the possibility of this potential rematch.

Mr. #BeEpic said:

“With the way Pacquaio has looked in his last 5-6 fights- he’s showing flashes of the old Manny, he looks sharp as hell with his footwork, angles and combinations, especially great for 40 years old.” Candelore said.

“Depending on what Errol Spence does with (Shawn) Porter, which I believe, Spence wins, if Floyd really wishes to stay retired, then a Spence Vs. Pacquaio fight will happen as a changing of the guard type of fight.”

“I see Floyd has been in the gym a little bit just staying active… He was in the Ring on Saturday and this fight would break all time PPV numbers, meaning Floyd would do about $300+ million or more.” He added.

So, basically, if it makes dollars, it makes sense?

“That, and- this is what Manny wants, he wants revenge against his longtime rival, I think him fighting well again has fans interested in seeing it again as well.”

“You know, Manny claims he injured his shoulder in their first fight, Floyd’s camp says, he didn’t. Manny still to this day insists he won that fight, so this is huge for both men’s legacies, which are already set as all-time boxing legends, so ego can play a factor, especially if Manny starts calling out Floyd.”

You can check out Derek’s interview with Foreign Policy from last February about a potential Fury vs Wilder rematch here:

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