Jonathan Foley highlights the importance of getting a website for your restaurant business

Do you consider maintaining a website as an unnecessary cost for you? Or else do you think that you do not have time to involve with such work due to your busy schedule? Do you think your restaurant doesn’t deserve a website just because it is too small? Do you think that you lack ICT knowledge to maintain a website? These are the common excuses businessmen usually come out with. What is your excuse among those? But now, it is time to say goodbye to your childish excuses and get adapted to the trends and reserve your place in the competition. Jonathan Foley from Wulf Marketing has figured out its importance. 

By now, you should know that 90% of internet users search restaurants online. Interestingly, the vast majority of them make their decisions based on the results of their search. Therefore, if you need to attract more new customers to taste your dishes, it is essential to have a website for your restaurant providing information despite how small or big it is.

Here are some important facts to power your thoughts on having a website for your restaurant as recommended by Jonathan Foley. 

Have a web site to increase awareness. 

The above mentioned 90% internet users will think that you do not exist unless you have a website. Let society know that there is a business. Remember, although you do not have a website, your competitors do. They stand a huge chance of grabbing a pretty good portion of the 90% we mentioned earlier.  A website is your sign on the internet. If you do not have a sign nobody knows you run a business.

Have a website to provide basic information. 

Your customers deserve to be informed of basic information like your hours of operation, payment methods accepted, location and directions. If your website is informative enough, it will answer all of those questions and make your customers happy. 

Let it do the branding for you

A good website will build a brand for your restaurant. In fact, it introduces your restaurant to customers in a professional manner. A website introduces your restaurant to its customers. They can become familiar with your restaurant through the website. The impression created with the website may increase the awareness of customers. 
Use the website to build customer relationships

Customers love if they can keep in touch with their service providers all the time. Let them give their feedback through comments. Their suggestions are the most valuable facts to consider in future developments. You can keep them informed about new offers through this process.

 Replace your expensive offline advertising with a perfectly built website.

Your conventional advertising reaches very less potential clients although you spend a huge amount on them. Try something eco-friendly, innovative and highly effective like a website. It can offer more information all the time despite the location of your customer. Websites are accessible through various devices and that makes your customers stay in touch with your restaurant all the time.

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