Kendall Jenner Suffers Backlash for her Face Washing Video

Kendall Jenner has repeated the mistake that was committed by her sister Kylie Jenner. Moreover, has faced the same kind of backlash that her sister faced.

It may be remembered that her sister Kylie had launched off her own skin care line – labelled Kylie Skin and taken to Instagram last month to showcase how effective the skin products are. In the short video clip she had posted, she was banished for washing it off just under 10 seconds.

Now Kendall Jenner also slammed for washing her face in a haphazard manner. She took to social media and shared a video clip showing her using Proactiv. However, she was criticised for the way she used the product and washed off her face in just under eight seconds while using it.

The video clip was actually designed to promote the Proactiv range of face cleansing products. Moreover, she gathered a lot of publicity for it – and sadly enough, most of it turned out to be negative!

The video clip was posted on Wednesday afternoon, and soon the fans were up in arms with their versions of what they found wrong in the ad clip. While most of the criticism revolved around how fast she washed off her face after applying the product, a few Twitter users also noticed that she left the tap open and left the water running when she was applying the cream.

One of the Twitter users was quicker enough comment that ‘it gives me so much anxiety when she did not turn the water off.’ Another one quipped, ‘Ugh I am cringing; please do not keep the water running while scrubbing your face, and please save water, Kendall.’ Other users found it impractical to wash off her face so fast – just under eight seconds. One of the fans said, ‘It was really that fast… she not letting the product soak in her skin. It’s not really helping her if her does that fast’ Another one was suggestive enough, ‘She’s not letting it soak in for a reason 💀’.

It should be noted here that as per the dermatologists, you need to give a minimum 20 to 60 seconds for the cream to soak in before washing it off. Jenner’s were faster enough with one completing it in eight seconds and the other in ten seconds!

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