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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are expecting baby No. 4 via surrogate

Kim Kardashian is always in the news for her looks and physique, and the dress she wears. How confident she looks in whatever she wears. But, this time, she is in the news because the West family is expecting their 4th kid via surrogate.

According to CNN, they are soon going to have their 4th baby via the surrogate procedure. Kim said in the past that she wants to have her fourth baby, and it seems, her wish is going to happen soon.

Kim has been open about her pregnancy-related issues. When she was pregnant with her kid North, she suffered from preeclampsia which is a complication characterized by high blood pressure. She also had placenta accreta in both of her earlier pregnancies which occurs when the placenta attaches too deeply in the uterine wall.

After the birth of daughter North, she shared what all she went through. It was really a high-risk pregnancy for her. By God’s blessing, she and her kid both came out to be safe. When she went into labor, she gave birth to North but after that what happened was horrifying to know. Generally, after the delivery, placenta comes out, but hers didn’t. It was left attached insider the uterus. This situation is called Placenta accreta. But, her doctor kept his hand inside and tried to detach the placenta from uterus which was quite horrifying and painful for her.

However, everything then was fine, and both North and Kim were safe. But, still, a piece of placenta left inside which was later removed by surgery. These all prevented her to get pregnant, but with the help of her amazing doctors’ advice, she was able to conceive again. Then later she gave birth to son Saint West.

But, due to pregnancy difficulties, doctors advised not to try to become pregnant but since they wanted to have more kids, they went for surrogacy for their 3rd baby. They named their third kid Chicago West.

Now, again the news of 4th kid, fans and family are happy and ready to welcome the new guest in the house.

We, at NewDayLive wish the couple to have a healthy baby soon J

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