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Are you sure that the water purifier you have with you gives the best and safe drinking water? With so many water purifiers available in the market, it is quite natural to get confused which one gives you the best water. Water; as we know forms an important part of our life and the one that we drink should be pure enough to keep us away from the several waterborne diseases. With the increase in water pollution, it is extremely essential to make sure that the water we are drinking is free from dirt and other harmful chemicals. The groundwater is getting polluted to a great extent and is also getting depleted by heavy metals, germs, and pathogenic organisms as well. So, that is totally not for us to drink.

So, if we consume polluted and impure water it will invite all those severe waterborne that will make us sick. It can even be fatal. Research has shown that consumption of water that has chemicals in it can even be fatal and also cause deaths every year. As much as it is important to have the best water purifier for domestic purpose, it is also important to have the best industrial water filtration systems to ensure the sound health of the workers.

The best water purifier

Although almost each and every water purifiers provide safe water for the drinking purpose and in that case you should invest in the one that is worth your needs. As already said, there are many water purifiers that are available in the market today and also that comes within your budget and your needs. But to be particular with the type of water filtration system that is best is RO or reverse osmosis technology and it is also widely accepted across the world.

So, the RO water purification system has the reverse osmosis technology that removes all the chemicals and germs from the water and other impurities that the water might contain. This type of water purifying technology purifies water through the semi-permeable membrane that does not allow the impurities to pass through it as the pore size of the RO membrane is almost around 0.1 to 5,000 nm.

These RO water purifiers are very much popular in the market today. Its demand is growing tremendously and you will also find many popular brands selling these type RO water purifiers. Using advanced water purifiers for a domestic, industrial or commercial purpose is extremely important as it ensures good health. You also have to know what type of impurities is present in your water. The removal of impurities from the water depends on the technology that the advanced water purifier uses.

There are other technologies as well that the water purifiers use and they also give pure water for consumption. You can buy the one that fulfills your basic requirements. Some of the factors that you should consider are the quality of water, water pressure, source of water and capacity of storage.

Source of water

What is the source of water that needs to be purified? The groundwater or surface water is the most common source of water that we rely on for consumption. The surface water is the one that is supplied from the municipal corporation so the presence of TDS is low and you only need to purify it to remove all the microbiological germs and bacteria or viruses. TDS stands for the total dissolved solids that is present in the water and it is also responsible for altering the taste of water. On the other hand, we have the groundwater that is supplied by tankers which contain a higher amount of dissolved impurities in it.

Maintaining an adequate TDS level is essential because if the water we are consuming gets ripped off the essential minerals and salts then it is ultimately harmful to our health in the long run,

Water purifiers with advanced technology

To provide us with good and the safest water for consumption, the companies create water purifiers with several water purification technologies such as the RO, UV, UF, TDS controller, etc. All these are advanced technologies that are used today in the water purifiers to provide the safest drinking water. All these technologies are known to remove the dissolved impurities that are present in the water effectively and purify it against all types of harmful contaminants.    

The functions of these technologies are really beneficial and are described as follows:

  • UV technology- The UV method of water purification or the ultra-violet technology is used in the water purifier that gives us purified water that is free from microbial impurities. This is the best technology that effectively gets rid of the harmful bacteria and viruses from the water but keeping intact the essential minerals and salts that is needed for good health.
  • UF technology- This kind of technology which is also known as the ultra-filtration method removes even the finest impurities from the water and lengthens the life of the RO membrane.
  • TDS controller- The total dissolved solids are made of inorganic salts and organic substances. So, a TDS controller makes sure to control the concentration of dissolved solids in the water and thus maintains the level of some of the essential salts and minerals that are needed to preserve the health of the water.

Some of us even boil water to purify it but it is a much hectic task and storing boiled water is another problem. Others even buy packaged purified drinking water. This again can cost you a lot. Are even sure that the packaged drinking water that you are buying really contains purified water as it claims or not? What if it is just tap water that comes in sealed jars and bottles? So, to be on the safe just it is a good idea to invest in a water purifier. And why take so much trouble when you literally have got some of the best water purifiers available in the market that gives you the safest and purest drinking water with such ease.

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