Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas debut: She Grabbed Eyes with her Seductive Alien Alter Ego Look

Lady Gaga made her Las Vegas debut on 28th December 2018 through the Residency Enigma concert. She unveiled her latest alter ego avatar through the sparkling metallic alien look.

The 5200 strong crowds were indeed mesmerized with her debut performance as she swirled around the dance floor in a sparkling bejeweled suite at the Park Theatre in the Monte Carlo Hotel. She kept floating through the auditorium in a jumpsuit with a keyboard in her hand, making it one of the electrifying entrances ever.

In addition through that enthralling entry and performance, she kept enchanting her fans and friends alike with the plethora of costume choices. Needless to say, all the costumes she chose were linked to the Enigma Space theme.

The singer, songwriter and the future Oscar winner pulled off all the plugs and presented an epic performance at its best. In fact, the much-awaited performance was true to the expectations with a host of impeccable costumes and designs. The singer and dancer showcased several of her blockbusters right from David Bowie (via Rolling Stone), to performing her A Star Is Born masterpiece and brought us so many unforgettable looks that lived up to the title of the show. Apart from the jumpsuit and the host of other designer costumes that kept electrifying everyone out there – critics and fans alike, one of the most endearing one was the pearlescent bodysuit and electric blue wig that indeed focussed on her magnificent physique and made it stand out as is her performance.

Not only the fans, but even the critics were impressed with the performance and the scale of the performance. Here is what a few critics have to say about the show –

  • Andreas Hale said, “an absolutely delicious smorgasbord of pop music, performance art, and fantastic futurism during her 90-minute set that kicked off in true Gaga fashion.”
  • Mark Gray for People’s praised the residency as a “highly energetic show.” He even went ahead to claim that it lived up to the hype and was completely theatrical and “very much Gaga.”
  • The performance was a “full-on conceptual production featuring the diva at her campy, crazy best…” is what Lindsey Parker from Yahoo has to say about the event and the performances.

Described as ‘a brand-new odyssey of her pop hits built as an experience unlike any other’ – the show Enigma will be afloat all through the 2019 and will be available till November 2019.

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