Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance To Donate $5 Million For Amazon Wildfires

Earth Alliance is an environmental group co-founded by Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo has always seen sharing informative and concerning stuff about our planet on his Instagram account. And currently, he is focusing on informing his followers about the wildfires in Amazon rainforest. Well, he didn’t just inform but his environmental group has pledged to donate $5 Million to help combat the Amazon wildfires.

Leonardo DiCaprio along with Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth has formed an emergency fund for Amazon that you can find of the official website of Earth Alliance. You can be a part of this emergency fund too by donating even the smallest amount in your capacity.

Earth Alliance shared in a post on Instagram that the donations collected from the Amazon emergency funds will “focus critical resources on the key protections needed to maintain the ‘lungs of the planet.”

It is very important to take this tragedy seriously as Amazon Rainforest is called as the lungs of our planet and there will be no hope left for this planet if the lungs get burned completely. The wildfires in Amazon is caused due to deforestation and land clearing operations on a large scale. Typically the dry season triggers the fires in the forest that are caused due to these land clearing operations done by the farmers that are done illegally by them to clear the land for some harvesting and Amazon Rainforest wildfires are a result of that.

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