Marko Stout – American Artist known for his Industrial Pop Style focused on New York and Urban Life

Marko Stout is the well known American artist famous for his contemporary works and the pop style he adds to his artwork. The New York icon is not only renowned in the art field but is also well known for his fashion works. Especially his industrial pop methods which are very contemporary and chick at the same time, most of his designs portray the feel of New York and the rock chic style all combined together.

Marko’s works aren’t just limited to the basic art but include a variety including sculpture, film and video and photography as well. He is also one of the few artists that love using new technology and digital innovations for making alterations and creating special artistic effects. One of Stout’s very prominent is the use and integration of his works into aerospace grade aluminum, which produces dynamic and vibrant colors with high depth and detail. This is something he does for most of his painting and all his masterpieces are popping with light and color. Though he is widely known for his sculptures and painting, he has also produced the art film festival in New York called LIPS Film Festival.

Apart from his he also has a huge fan following of renowned celebrities who love taking inspiration and incorporating his artworks into their spaces and dresses. So many pop inspired stars have been loving the art pieces and taken Stout’s painting to their walls as the main piece. His paintings can be seen hanging on the walls of some of the most famous stars including The Kardashians, Holly Madison, RuPaul and a lot of models and drag queens.

Marko Stout’s popularity is only growing as he is continuously coming up with new and unpredictable dynamic works which are attracting collectors all over the globe and his growing exhibitions in areas outside of New York like Miami, Germany, Los Angeles, and Jersey City.

The Next Andy Warhol

The artist is often compared to the legendary Andy Warhol and is argued to be the next icon after him. This is correct in some bouts as just like Warhol would use the silkscreen process, Stout also loves to make use of his model’s photographs as inspiration for him to base his paintings on. Even though Stout has been very clear about his style of pop being his own only. We can agree to this since every work of his isn’t just representing pop art but something totally unique and unpredictable.

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