Marko Stout: The Artist Extraordinaire Breaking The Rules

Marko Stout, one of the greatest artists of the modern era, has his name renowned in the artistic streets of New York. The versatility of this extraordinary artist has been one of his selling points. Instead of being confined to any one genre, Marko Stout is known for exploring the various themes and topics. He touches a wide range of works that includes photography, new media, films, video, painting, sculpture, prints, etc.

The artist does not believe in having boundaries when it comes to his profession. The creative approach of Marko Stout has gained him a lot of popularity and his work is famous for not only being evocative but it is also rich in multiple references related to culture that has meaning.

The unique style of Marko Stout always gives him a distinctive appearance. New York City takes the artist as a rebel as he refuses to keep a low profile. Usually seen in all-black clothes and vintage sunglasses has always given him a style statement. His whole look is accompanied by his unique collection of hats.

For his metal paintings, the artist takes inspiration from the photographs of models. And that is the reason why the work of the artist is often deemed to be quite close to perfection. Marko Stout is famous for his gritty industrial pop-style that majorly focuses on the modern life of New York City.  The last couple of years have been really phenomenal for the artist as he has done some exceptional work and showed his most activeness in these years.

Marko Stout has not only impressed the general public but his works have also been appreciated by one of the most famous celebrities too. Being a celebrated artist, Marko has gained an impressive celebrity fanbase that includes  Drake, Jessica Parka, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, RuPaul, the Kardashians, and the long list goes on and on.