May Day is the Lei Day in Hawaii !

One of the unique customs that speak about the wonderful culture of Hawaii is Lei Day celebrated on May 1 every year. So, while the whole world concentrates on the labour day, Hawaii and its eight islands eulogise the colorful world of Lei flowers.

Lei Day

The History of Lei Day

Lei flower has a unique and important place in the history of Hawaii. However, that actual commencement of the Lei Day celebrations is dated back in 1929 when the festival of Lei Day was celebrated for the first time. The celebrations are marked by the blending of different unique musical styles and traditions that have come to be known as the Hawaiian culture.
In fact, there has been a huge influx of other cultures into the Hawaiin atmosphere. The Lei day is seen as an attempt at walking in the line of introducing the innate Hawaiian culture to others who are unaware.

How is Lei Day celebrated?

The centre of attraction when it comes to the Lei Day celebrations lies in Oahu, which hosts one of the largest Lei Day events. The event is held every year at the Queen Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.
Lei day
The event is marked with a host of events that include live music, lei contest exhibit, hula dance performances, demonstrations, craft and food vendors and appearances of Lei queen or king. All the events and happenings are presided over by Queen Lei and her court. The queen or king elected in each of the region’s eight islands based on their proficiency in Hula dancing, the Lei making skills, and command over the Hawaiian language.
The Annual Lei Day lei making competition is one of the most frequented events. People throng in thousands to witness the winner. This is the 92nd year of the Lei Day celebrations and you can check out the schedules from here.

Apart from the Waikiki beach, the May Day or Lei day is also held at multiple locations that include Great Lawn, Maui, Hawaii island, Kauai, and several other locations as well. In fact, you can try making your own lei if you happen to be at the location on the day.
So, why not try your hand at a well-known event? Take part in the Lei Day celebrations, understand the intricacies of the Hawaiian culture and soak yourself in the glory of what makes Hawaii the actual Hawaii in the real sense of the word.

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