McDonald’s Finally Adding Double Quarter Pounders With Cheese On Their Menu

McDonald’s is undoubtedly one of the most loved food chains among the lovers of Burger. It is famous for its big burgers and exciting meals. Though there’s another news to be excited for, McDonald’s is going to add another item to their menu. Starting from 7th August the customers at McDonald’s will have an option that will allow them to double the Quarter Pounders which is considered as the food outlet’s legendary dish from the menu.

As you order the Double Quarter Pounder the chef will add double beef and double cheese to your regular order of Quarter Pounder. Finally, the McDonald’s is giving the hungry customers more options to explore other than the Big Mac which was designed especially for the food fans who are feeling really hungry.


But every good thing comes with a price. The double Quarter Pounder will be available for you for either 4.29 Euros or 5.79 Euros. But the good news it is going to be a super saver deal for you. Earlier customers build a burger for themselves that used to cost them 6.98 euros but with the introduction of this new option on the menu of the restaurant, you will be saving a few bucks.

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However, there’s bad news regarding this, though this exciting offer is launching soon but the happiness that we are going to feel because of its presence has an expiry date. Reportedly, the double quarter pounder will only be available for around seven weeks as a part of a limited period time offer.


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