Mere sinkhole on the road was a tunnel to the Florida Bank

Believe it or not, public works employees Pembroke Pines got a call about some sinkhole on Flamingo Road near Chase Bank Branch, and it turned out to be a tunnel.

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Pembroke Pines police handed over the case to FBI thinking it could be a bank burglary.

“This is truly a unique case here,” Leverock said. “I would like to say that I saw something like this in movies. However, this hole is so small that – it’s unique.”

“It’s approximately 2-foot, maybe 3-foot in diameter. It is very small, it is very claustrophobic,” FBI agent Michael Leverock told.

The tunnel was about 50 yards from the bank and was near a wooded area south of the bank. FBI found the power cord, winch and a small generator near the base of the tunnel. Till now, FBI doesn’t have a clue who dug the tunnel? Is it a single person? No arrest has been made.

While digging the tunnel, FBI didn’t find anybody inside the tunnel. It was an attempted bank burglary, FBI declared.
“They’re heading towards the ATM. I don’t think they were doing that for any other reason,” Leverock said.

Pembroke Pines used a small rover to investigate the tunnel. Police still don’t know why did they leave their work halfway. Rainfall might have collapsed their work, authorities speculated.

Authorities are still searching for the clues. They posted the photos of wagon and generator hoping someone will know something about this whole case.

“So, if somebody’s been bragging about this, somebody’s seen this wagon, seen a generator and some folks who are talking about a tunnel, certainly give us a call,” Leverock said.

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