Michael Valor – the Digital Visionary you should be watching

“Creativity can escape the canvas,” says Michael Valor, Digital Agency Owner & Inventor. This young man speaks about a future some would think only exists in a sci-fi reality, but brings this to life every day in small incremental steps with his agency Valor Media. Several of the innovative products and services that this young entrepreneur has brought to the world are considered his stepping stones to future inventions of humans and technology.

“Innovation is not chained to a computer, a program, a picture, or a device,” says Valor. He eludes to the creation of the assembly line with Henry Ford who uses human resources in a creative fashion. Companies in this day and age have to remain quick-moving and fiercely creative in order to compete in the fastest changing marketplace the world has ever seen. That’s where we found Michael Valor.

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Speaking on his vision to transform Valor Media into a tech-driven and creative-led agency, Michael says, “Since digital spaces allow brands and consumers to connect directly, we have realized the need for offering tech-led and creative branding & digital marketing solutions to our clients. A large part of our success depends on the execution of this vision and its outcome.”

About Michael Valor

Valor Media is spearheaded by the young and dynamic entrepreneur, Michael Valor. He is recognized as one of the youngest entrepreneurs who has been successful in business at an early age. His first entrepreneurial endeavor was in newspaper advertising where he was introduced to a budding industry in social media.

Thought to be a fad at the time, the old advertising space shuttered when digital marketing stepped into the ring. Valor saw this deficiency and acted on it. New thinking has been the cornerstone to all of Valor’s projects. From developing bus stations with global engineers, being a highly recognized member of the World Future Society (Top 1300 researchers in the world), and having technology advancement meetings with multiple country’s Departments of Energy, Valor’s main mission has been to create new schools of thought in every facet of innovation.

Michael Valor displayed his public speaking skills and gained immense popularity for it. He has been a part of some of the most prominent events across the world as a guest speaker. He honed these skills and leveraged them to communicate and share relevant information, bringing the most complex ideas to its most simple and rudimentary forms. Through integrated learning, and organizational positioning, Valor’s thought school has produced many successful ventures, and we believe that he will be someone to watch as the history books are written.

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