Microsoft Leak Reveals Windows 10X Will Be Coming To Laptops

The latest accidental leak by Microsoft has unveiled some features of their upcoming Windows 10X. The internal design document that got leaked accidentally was available on the internet for a short amount of time. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and it has earlier revealed that the operating system used in Windows 10X will be powering the company’s new Surface Neo Hardware.

As stated by the company earlier, this operating system will be available on dual screens and foldable devices. The leaked internal design document explained, “For both clamshells and foldables, the taskbar will be the same base model with a series of ‘levers’ which can be pulled to create some alternatives in the model.”

The Start Menu in Windows 10X will be referred to as the Launcher by the company. As stated in the document, “Search is seamlessly integrated with web results, available apps, and specific files on your device. Recommended content is dynamically updated based on your most frequently and recently used apps, files, and websites.”

Photo Credit: MS Power User

Along with you will get an upgraded Windows Hello Facial Recognition authentication experience. In the leaked document, Microsoft also mentioned, “When the screen turns on you are immediately brought to a state of authentication; unlike Windows 10 where you first need to dismiss the lock curtain before authenticating. Upon waking the device, Windows Hello Face instantly recognizes the user and will immediately transition to their desktop.” The version will be probably available from the 2020 holidays.