Microsoft Moves Away from the Controversial Minecraft Creator

If you are gaming freak right from your childhood, you would have indeed played Minecraft quite often. The game was created by Marcus Notch Persson ten years ago. Later on, the game was acquired by Microsoft, and it was the sole property of the Bill gates company now. Those who have not played and don’t much about this can read Minecraft reviews for better knowledge about it.

However, the game had so far been crediting Notch as the original creator of the game. Now, with the obnoxious behaviour of Notch taking it to the hilt, we have found that Microsoft has started distancing itself from the controversial creator.

What is so controversial about Notch?

Well, Notch has recently become an internet creep and an obnoxious character. His tweets can be the right way to assess his controversial character.

That should only be an example of what kind of havoc he has been creating for the Twitterati. He has been provoking people on the microblogging site. In fact, most of his comments tend to be inconsequential and careless. The bigoted remarks that he makes on even the occasions like International Women’s Day have irked the internet community to the core.

So, How is Microsoft saving Minecraft from Notch?

Microsoft would definitely not like to be associated with a bigot of the nature of Notch, and it is evident from the latest update to the famous game in its Java version. And we expect more polishing in the days to come.

The latest update has removed all the references to Notch. The references like “Made by Notch!” and “The work of Notch!” which so far formed part of the splash text is no longer visible on the screen anymore.

Of course, Microsoft has been involved in the development of the game since the last five years, and Notch has no active participation of any sort in the task. However, with the original creator of the game sharing homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and transphobic one after the other has been one of the reasons many of the gamers do not like to be associated with a game created by someone who is spewing hate online.

This comes as an expected option for the Minecraft fans as most of them have welcomed this move by Microsoft. Reference to Notch may appear somewhere in the credits as the original creator of the game, but as it develops further, Microsoft will definitely consider leaving the man behind as he has been involved in putting down people and holding the torch for the white male supremacy.

We tried reaching out to Microsoft to understand why the reference to Notch was removed from the games and the credit thereof, but they did not respond. However, anyone who is aware of Notch and his obnoxious behaviour has been expecting this move from the software giant.

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