Mid America facing another Bomb Cyclone – Flights cancelled

Mid America is staring at the second Bomb Cyclone this week. The cyclone is likely to be accompanied with stronger winds, heavy snowfall and a possible flooding. The National Weather Service has indicated the possibility of ” a powerful storm system” from the northern Plains to the upper Midwest starting 12th April 2019.
In view of the heavy warning, several flights have been delayed or cancelled. Official sources have indicated the delayed flights in 2194 cases, while 897 flights have been cancelled.

Which areas are affected by the Bomb Cyclone?

The National Weather Service has indicated that a few areas from the plains and the midwest are likely to be affected by the heavy storm. Parts of Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota have been issues blizzard warning. Other areas like Colorado, Kansas and Utah have been put under a freeze warning. The storm is reportedly moving into Kansas and Nebraska. Driving in these areas has been considered to be dangerous.
bomb cyclone
There is also a possibility of severe thunderstorms over parts of the Western Ohio Valley. A “critical fire weather danger” has been forewarned in parts of west Texas and southern New Mexico. South Dakota has issued a severe warning and closed state government offices in all its 52 counties. Residents have been warned not to travel in several parts of the state in view of the poor conditions of the road and adverse weather conditions.

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