Mohammad Makhlouf is constructing his own legacy

Being known for his opulence, Mohammad Makhlouf is all set to build his own legacy. Contrary to be recognized for his lavish life, Makhlouf has planned to be more active in business as he is prepared to launch one of Syria’s biggest construction company with MRM Holdings. The company is set to launch in 2022 but has managed to garner the attention of many.

It is the only company in Syria that has managed to draw huge investments, pre-launch. The company that is set to re-construct Syria is yet in its planning stage but has its goal clear. Makhlouf, the founder, wishes to help the Syrian families in having a better life amidst the chaos. This pushed him in founding the company.

Mohammad Makhlouf developed a great sense of business acumen at a very early age. This led him to pursue his degree in business administration from one of the prominent private school in Dubai. Being aware of the present situation in Syria, he believes “it is the ones who are affluent who can take up the cause of re-building Syria. My intentions are what best suits the interest of the country and its people.” He also adds, “knowing that my business can make a difference, truly drives me to push it further. Better investments will give me better opportunities to help and reach more people.” Being part of one the most powerful business family, Makhlouf co-owns Milk Man Dairy Production, one of the leading dairies in Syria.

His earnings have also helped him to set up a charitable organization that has many sister-concerns under its umbrella. He also has managed to help the children of Lattakia by developing free-for-all sports stadium. It has enabled the kids to relieve the stress of their current lives and situation. The young entrepreneur feels “many children have stopped going to schools, in the affected areas. They have seen what many children, around the world haven’t. It is our job to make their life easy and help them see a life beyond this war.”

Syria needs more people like Makhlouf to actively participate in the cause of raising Syria from the ravages. For about 5 years now, the country has seen war and have been deeply impacted to its core. This has led many in doubts as to if Syria will ever be able to regain the glory of its old days. There are many who are skeptical but a few like Makhlouf, who believes that Syria will re-construct and see better days, can help.

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